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We have prepared a great process art kit fully packed with 8 projects to do at home, the perfect way to bring My Little van Gogh to your home. Let´s explore, create and get (a bit) messy!


Our Little Box Printmaking brings lots of process art projects straight to your home. This kit contains great ideas and materials to invite little ones to create with freedom and confidence once and again. 


Recommended ages: Our proposals for this Box are designed for children between 4 and 9 years old. Younger children can also enjoy it, they will only need more support in some projects  Some activities contain small parts. Requires adult supervision for handling.  


What does it contain? 8 different and very cool projects where they will mainly painting and stamping. The box contains all the materials that you will need for each project, a  A canvas, many A5 sheets of cardboard, paints,  glitter glue, glue, tools / utensils. 


  • 6 envelopes with the instructions and materials to lear these amazing process art projects: 
  1. Stencyl painting
  2. Sponge Art
  3. Bleeding Art 
  4. Bubble wrap stamping 
  5. Monoprints
  6. Scrape painting
  7. Extra project: Repurposing you box
  • 1 set of inspiration cards
  • 2 set of paints (metallic paints and fluor paints)
  • Wooden paintbrush
  • 2 Glitter glue sticks
  • 1 Glue stick 
  • 1 Canvas


Box Size: The cardboard box (1 small version) measures approx. 25x19x10cm and weighs almost 1kg. Goes full  


What do I need to have at home? A comfortable space to explore without fear of dirt. We recommend placing a tablecloth to cover the surface, wearing a gown / apron (not included in the kit) and eager to create, scissors and if you want to expand the exploration and continue experimenting, have A4 or larger white sheets on hand  By essence we always recommend enjoying our activities as a family, so this is no exception. Enjoying this gift with your little one is the true gift.  


And the instructions? Each envelope contains a printed version of the instructions written in child-friendly language. We recommend you the first thing so that you can organize the space and the materials before starting.  At the end of the projects, we advise you to recover this paper, turning it into material for collage or other types of projects. There are also those who save it so as not to forget anything in the


€ 50,00 Normale prijs
€ 45,00Verkoopprijs
  • Once we have received your order we will send your box within 1 to 3 labor days. 

    If your order is urgent, please call us :)

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